my pronouns are he/him, im transmasc, bisexual, demigender, stuff like that
im slightly mentally ill with diagnosed autism, depression and bpd please be paitent!! ^3^
also most of my devices are gon e. it might take me a while to respond to things or post stuff :P

HELLO! im comet :3 im a hardcore kandi raver who eats gummy worms and real womrs . i liek suda51 and hideo kojima. alot. they're the only people i talk about . im 13 DONT BE WEIRD I HAVE A GUN IN MY POSESSION and i like to write and bake and art and draw ! stuf liek that :3 i chug too many amounts of monster energy and i should probably tell my doctor ,. i love japanese game designer yaoi and i have really cool patches on my bookbag!!! i (want to) smoke weed and be a silly guy thanks for listening

- suda51, hideo kojima, swery65 and shinji mikami
- japanese pro wrestling media
- takashi miike movies
- yakuza related media 
- rave music and culture
- 2010s internet memes
- 2000s technology

list of names
( you dont HAVE to use all of these some of them are for funnsies :333 )
- comet
- kandi
- suda
- hideo
- miike
- swery
- kiryu
- mutsuhiro
- ray 
- sho 

disclaimer i will never stop talking about hideo kojima and suda51 they are the bestpeople ever . i take a bucnh of inspiration from the both of them in terms of writing, how i draw, and how i talk ^3^